Women in Transportation

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Women in Transportation - The Series

The transportation industry offers many challenging and rewarding career opportunities for women, yet they continue to be underrepresented. This series highlights the important contributions women are making within the industry and captures their story.

Augusta Meyers

Communications Manager and Economic Development Program Manager, Mid-Region Council of Governments & Rio Metro Regional Transit District

A long-time communications professional, Augusta Meyers was hired to provide media facilitation for the Mid-Region Council of Governments 18 years ago. Fast forward to the present, and she continues to oversee communications for MRCOG and its entities, including Rio Metro, and has also taken on the role of Economic Development Program Manager. In this profile, Meyers describes what it was like to witness the Rail Runner go from conceptual to operational, discusses why she thinks women bring a unique perspective to the transportation industry, and expresses gratitude for her role, which she says allows her to frequently interact with others and regularly see the fruits of her labor.

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Elizabeth Carter

Operations Review & Policy Compliance Manager, Rio Metro Regional Transit District

Elizabeth Carter began her career in transportation as a Secretary at Santa Fe Trails, the public transit agency in Santa Fe, NM. Since then, she has advanced in the field, working for both small and large transit agencies and spending nearly the last 10 years with Rio Metro. In this profile, Carter discusses the cousin who inspired her to continue working in transportation, the benefits of networking and education, and the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone to learn new things.

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Conni Vigil

Director of Finance and Administration, Rio Metro Regional Transit District

Conni Vigil is well established in the transportation industry between her 13 years with Rio Metro and her previous work with the City of Albuquerque's Transit Department. In this profile, Vigil discusses what attracted her to pursue a career in transportation, the contributions of public transit to the community, and her love of sharing knowledge with people entering the field.  

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