Women in Transportation

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Women in Transportation - The Series

The transportation industry offers many challenging and rewarding career opportunities for women, yet they continue to be underrepresented. This series highlights the important contributions women are making within the industry and captures their story.

Allyne Clarke

Marketing Manager, Rio Metro Regional Transit District

Allyne Clarke started with Rio Metro eleven years ago. As the first Advertising Sales Manager, Clarke created the advertising sales program on the New Mexico Rail Runner Express and Rio Metro buses from the ground up. In her current role as Marketing Manager, she continues to challenge herself and the marketing team to creatively engage and educate the community about Rio Metro and its services. In this profile, Clarke discusses the importance of education, building relationships, and thinking long term. 

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Elizabeth Olson

New Mexico Rail Runner Express Projects Manager, Rio Metro Rio Metro Regional Transit District

Elizabeth Olson started working on the New Mexico Rail Runner Express as a conductor in 2008. Since then, she has grown her career with the Rail Runner and Rio Metro, becoming a locomotive engineer and then working as a train dispatcher. In her current role as Projects Manager for the Rail Runner, Olson works with people in a variety of fields from rail operations to political decision makers. In this profile, Olson discusses her professional journey, ideas on how to attract women to the transportation workforce, and more.

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Amy Myer

Senior Finance Manager, Mid-Region Council of Governments

Amy Myer says she came into the transportation industry "accidentally" after several years in public accounting and auditing. She learned about an opportunity at the Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG) from a former boss, and the timing seemed perfect. Now a Senior Finance Manager, Myer has been working for MRCOG for 12 years since that accidental transition. In this profile, Myer discusses the importance of women in leadership roles and how women are making strides to overcome barriers in a male-dominated industry. 

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Marla Montiel

Special Projects Manager, Mid-Region Council of Governments

Marla Montiel was drawn to the transportation industry by the implementation of the New Mexico Rail Runner Express. She began her career with the Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG) more than 17 years ago, and has held several roles within the organization. 

In this profile, Montiel discusses embracing the challenges of ever-changing technology, implementing new ways of disseminating information, and the importance of getting involved and constantly learning. 

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Josephine Vigil

Senior Finance Manager, Rio Metro Regional Transit District

Josephine Vigil has been working with the Rio Metro Regional Transit District for more than 15 years. She started her career path as an Accountant, and is currently the Senior Finance Manager. 

In this profile, Vigil discusses the value of public transportation, how women have made a difference in the industry by challenging stereotypes, and the importance of connecting with mentors and experienced professionals when pursuing a career in transit. 

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Kendra Montanari

Transportation Planning & Technical Services Manager, Mid-Region Council of Governments

Kendra Montanari began her work with the Mid-Region Council of Governments more than 20 years ago. She joined the organization in 2002 as a Travel Demand Modeler, and naturally moved through different roles in the organization. For the past three years, she has worked as the Transportation Planning and Technical Services Manager. In this profile, Montanari discusses evolving and adapting to the ever-changing industry, the positive impact a professor and mentor had on her approach to work and life, the value of making face to face connections, and more. 

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Augusta Meyers

Communications Manager and Economic Development Program Manager, Mid-Region Council of Governments & Rio Metro Regional Transit District

A long-time communications professional, Augusta Meyers was hired to provide media facilitation for the Mid-Region Council of Governments 18 years ago. Fast forward to the present, and she continues to oversee communications for MRCOG and its entities, including Rio Metro, and has also taken on the role of Economic Development Program Manager. In this profile, Meyers describes what it was like to witness the Rail Runner go from conceptual to operational, discusses why she thinks women bring a unique perspective to the transportation industry, and expresses gratitude for her role, which she says allows her to frequently interact with others and regularly see the fruits of her labor.

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Elizabeth Carter

Operations Review & Policy Compliance Manager, Rio Metro Regional Transit District

Elizabeth Carter began her career in transportation as a Secretary at Santa Fe Trails, the public transit agency in Santa Fe, NM. Since then, she has advanced in the field, working for both small and large transit agencies and spending nearly the last 10 years with Rio Metro. In this profile, Carter discusses the cousin who inspired her to continue working in transportation, the benefits of networking and education, and the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone to learn new things.

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Conni Vigil

Director of Finance and Administration, Rio Metro Regional Transit District

Conni Vigil is well established in the transportation industry between her 13 years with Rio Metro and her previous work with the City of Albuquerque's Transit Department. In this profile, Vigil discusses what attracted her to pursue a career in transportation, the contributions of public transit to the community, and her love of sharing knowledge with people entering the field.  

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