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Onboard to Safety

Is there a safety issue or concern within Rio Metro bus operations? Report the issue to help keep you, those that you work with, and your operations safe. Help prevent safety incidents from happening. Let’s all stay onboard to safety.

We want to hear from you!

There are four ways to report a safety concern. You can choose to remain anonymous, and all identifying information will also be kept confidential. Supporting documents/files can be mailed or placed in the drop box.

Confidential safety hotline
  1. Call Us
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Call Us

Toll-free Rio Metro Confidential Safety Hotline: 1-855-662-SAFE (1-855-662-7233)The Rio Metro Company ID number is 0711430663 (required for making reports).

Electronic submission
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Electronic Form Submission

Submit a confidential safety concern through our online form.

Download and print form
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Text your safety concern company ID#: 0711430663 to 855-662-7233.
  1. Text Us
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Text Us

From your smartphone, click here to begin your message, or text Rio Metro safety code: 0711430663 to 855-662-7233.

Notify your supervisor

Notify Your Supervisor

Talk with your supervisor. Your supervisor will document the discussion.


The Rio Metro Unsafe Condition or Hazard & Near Miss form should be filled out by any Bus Operations staff when any unsafe condition or hazard exists that could potentially cause injury of person, damage to transportation system property or the environment. 

Bus Operations staff driving any Rio Metro vehicles should complete this form whenever a Near Miss occurs (this is an incident WITHOUT injury to person or damage to property). If passengers, personnel or property were injured or damaged during the incident, Do not use the Unsafe Condition or Hazard & Near Miss form, use the Accident or Incident Report Forms.

Bus Safety Contact Information

Toll-free Confidential Safety Hotline: 1-855-662-SAFE (1-855-662-7233) The Rio Metro Company ID number is 0711430663 (required for making reports).


Rio Metro Regional Transit District
Attn: Bus Operations Safety Department
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