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Rio Metro Safety Concern Submission


  1. 1. Reporting Unsafe Conditions or Hazards
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  • Reporting Unsafe Conditions or Hazards

    1. Reporting Unsafe Conditions or Hazards
      Thank you for taking time to report the unsafe condition or hazard you encountered with Rio Metro Regional Transit District (RMRTD)’s transportation service. Your input helps us to improve our policies and procedures to ensure the safety of the public, our passengers, and our employees. Please provide as much detail as possible. The information provided in your report will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel for review, investigation, and resolution.
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    3. How do I report an Unsafe Condition or Hazard/Near Miss?
    4. Online
      Complete the form below, and click SUBMIT.
    5. Call or Text
      Call or text RMRTD’s Safety Hotline at 1-855-662-SAFE (7233), and enter ID Number 0711430663 (this is required to submit a concern via text and phone message.)
    6. Send an Email
      If your comments are lengthy or complex, you may send an email to