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1. How do I buy tickets?
2. Who is eligible for reduced fares?
3. What can I do if I miss my NMRX train?
4. How can I find out if the train is delayed?
5. What happens if my train is late? Will I miss my connection?
6. Why is my train late?
7. What is the holiday schedule?
8. How much do I pay for transit that takes me to and from the Rail Runner stations?
9. How do I get to the Albuquerque Airport?
10. What do I do if all of the seats are taken on the train?
11. What can I do when I arrive in Santa Fe?
12. Can I bring or buy food on the train?
13. Are there restrooms on the train?
14. Can I charge my mobile device on the train?
15. Can I bring my bicycle / sports equipment on the train?
16. How old do children need to be to ride alone?
17. Are pets allowed on trains?
18. What happens if I leave something on the train?