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Aug 19

Rio Metro Bus Schedules Have a New Look!

Posted on August 19, 2020 at 12:00 AM by Riann Martinez

Rio Metro’s bus schedules recently got a makeover. The schedule brochures were redesigned to meet the organization’s goal of clearly communicating information about the transit services provided within our service area. 

“They have a fresh new look,” says Elizabeth Carter, Assistant Transit Director for Rio Metro Bus. “The new schedule brochures were designed to look like traditional bus transit brochures, making them easier than ever to use.”

Some of the key elements of the redesign include:

  • Numbered Stops - Numbers are assigned to each bus stop on the map, making it easier to identify where the bus stop is located
  • Legend - A new legend identifies transfer points to other bus and rail services, also indicated on the map
  • Identifiable Zone Changes - Different colored lines on the map show fare zones so that riders are aware of the cost of the trip they wish to take

In addition to the design elements listed above, the overall color of the schedules was changed from red to blue, and they were given a more modern look with new pictures and graphic elements.

The schedules’ redesign is part of an overall project aimed at making it easier for individuals to find all services provided by Rio Metro.

We already have a brochure for our services in Valencia County,” says Carter, “and we are currently developing a Sandoval County Brochure.”

Find all of Rio Metro’s bus schedules online at riometro.org/177/Bus.