12 Facts to Commemorate 12 Years of Service

12 year anniversary webJuly 2018 marks 12 years of commuter rail service in New Mexico. The New Mexico Rail Runner Express has transformed public transportation in our state, providing access to areas as far north as Taos and as far south as Socorro.




By the Numbers

To commemorate our 12 year anniversary, here are 12 interesting facts* about the New Mexico Rail Runner Express:

1 red border 11,382,762: Passengers carried since service began

2 red border 394,561: Bicycle boardings since service began

3 red border 66,988: PNA boardings (Passengers Needing Assistance) since service began

4 red border 500,000,000: Passenger miles taken off area roadways since service began

5 red border 134,612: Number of trips taken by VA Veterans using the Freedom Pass since its inception in Nov. 2014

6 red border 13,540: People that have taken the train as part of a scheduled group travel experience since Jan. 2014

7 red border 20: Number of appearances by Trax, the Rail Runner mascot, at Albuquerque Isotopes baseball games

8 red border 33,490: Number of rides taken by seniors as part of the Seniors 62+ Ride Free promotion, which began in Feb. 2016

9 red border 136: Bicycle lockers at NMRX stations along the corridor

1 red border0 red border 60+: Buses connecting to the train between Taos and Socorro

1 red border1 red border 11: Number of Express Magazine issues published since its inception in Fall 2014

1 red border2 red border 12: Number of years that staff member Bob Trujillo has worked as a Ticket Agent on the New Mexico Rail Runner Express

*Numbers provided are current as of May 31, 2018.

More Rail Runner Stats

Earlier this year, the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) Transit and Rail Division compiled some interesting statistics related to New Mexico Rail Runner Express service in Fiscal Year 2017.

In Fiscal Year 2017:
  • A Rail Runner passenger traveling between downtown Albuquerque and downtown Santa Fe saves $995 monthly by choosing Rail Runner over driving alone in their private vehicle
  • The Rail Runner reduced traffic congestion by removing an estimated 15.6 million vehicle miles of travel from our busiest highways during the heaviest commute hours
  • The Rail Runner reduced CO2 emissions by 6,900 tons
  • The Rail Runner reduced gasoline consumption by 790,000 gallons

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