Customer Service Training Benefits Crew, Passengers

customer service training 2018In April of this year, the New Mexico Rail Runner Express train crew participated in a specialized Customer Service Training over the course of a long weekend. The training, which was attended by the Rail Runner’s ticket agents and conductors, covered topics like ticketing policies, pet policies, and fare documentation.

“The purpose was to create more consistency for our passengers and our staff,” says Irma Ruiz, Customer Service Manager for the Rio Metro Regional Transit District, which provides operations for the Rail Runner. “We also want people to have a better ridership experience and feel good about and comfortable on our train.

The training included classroom-style sessions as well as role-playing activities. One of the interactive portions involved crew members responding to realistic questions that they might get from passengers - such as what bus connections people can make from specific stations.

“It was really helpful to do the roleplay,” says Ruiz. “We want to make sure the crew knows basic information rather than directing people to make a phone call to customer service.”

The Customer Service Training takes place three times each year. Future trainings will also integrate the customer service staff that works in the office. “It is important for everyone playing a customer service role in our organization to be on the same page,” says Ruiz. “Consistency is the number one issue.”

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