Meet the Couple Who Have Attended Every Station Opening

rider profile messierJon and Elaine Messier have been to every single New Mexico Rail Runner Express station opening since the beginning. So, when the Zia Road Station opened on April 24, the husband and wife team made sure to be there for the event.

“We just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary,” said Jon. “This is sort of a continuation of our celebration.”

Jon Messier knows a lot about the Rail Runner. As a Planner, he was involved in the implementation of New Mexico’s only commuter train. Elaine Messier worked as a teacher for APS. Also a fan of the Rail Runner, she used to take school groups on the train.

They are now both retired, which gives them more time to spend with friends and family. “We take all of our grandkids on the train,” said Elaine. They have four grandchildren, three of whom live in New Mexico. They even celebrated their granddaughter Julia’s 9th birthday on the Rail Runner.

On the day of the Zia Road Station opening, their friend, Margaret Christensen, met them at the event. She lives near the station, so the Messiers thought it would be the perfect opportunity to fit in a visit with her as well.

The Messiers braved an especially cool and windy spring day to attend the opening of the Zia Road Station, and can now boast visiting every station along the Rail Runner corridor.

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