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Conduct and Etiquette

Enjoy Your Ride!

We thank the many passengers who continue to give back when it comes to common courtesy and kindness. The Rio Metro Regional Transit District would like to share some of the more general rules on how to be a good passenger – even if you already happen to be one. 

People onboard the train and busLet’s Start with Waiting for the Train, Where it All Begins

    • Always stand behind the yellow line or on the sidewalk while waiting for a train or bus.
    • Look both ways and cross only at designated areas.
    • Hold small children by the hand while on train platforms or at bus stops.
    • Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is NEVER allowed on train platforms or bus stops.
    • Riding bikes or skateboards is not permitted on the platform.

Boarding the Train or Bus, the Next Step

    • Arrive a few minutes before scheduled departure time. Trains and buses do not hold for late passengers.
    • Stand clear of doors and let riders exit before boarding.
    • Allow senior citizens and people with disabilities to board first.
    • Those bringing bicycles on board the train should “walk” their bikes onto the train and store in the designated area.

Pay Your Fare

    • Always keep tickets out and visible while onboard the train. Agents may check tickets multiple times.
    • Ticket agents accept cash and most credit cards. They do not accept bills larger than $20.
    • When riding the bus, you must use exact change.
    • Ride the bus for FREE by showing the driver your valid Rail Runner printed or mobile ticket.
    • One caregiver, accompanying a paying customer who shows valid proof of disabled citizen status, may ride free.

Riding - the Rest of the Story

    • Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is NOT permitted on the train/platforms or bus.
    • No pets allowed onboard; only service animals.
    • Please keep feet off the seats.
    • Please stow personal items under your seat or in overhead racks.
    • If standing room only, please give up your seat for senior citizens and/or people with disabilities.
    • Gas powered vehicles including bicycles, mopeds, scooters and Segways are not allowed on the train or bus.
    • No consumption of alcoholic beverages onboard or carrying of open containers of alcoholic beverages.
    • No firearms or weapons.
    • Food and non-alcoholic drinks are permitted on trains.
    • No littering. Dispose of trash in the proper receptacles.
    • Soliciting is strictly prohibited without the express permission from management.
    • Please observe Quiet Car rules when riding in a designated Quiet Car on the train.
    • Children under age 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
    • pdfView the Rio Metro Regional Transit District Bus Ridership Policy in PDF Format


To request this information in an alternate format (eg., Braille, large print, audio), please contact Customer Service at 1-866-795-7245 or click here to download the request form.